Field Recording (Duet), 2021
Amplified Paving Stone (35 cm x 35 cm 5 cm)Site Specific Stone, Cement, Sand, Embedded Audio Electronics, Field Recording
Field Recording (Duet) is an amplified paving stone that actively voices its perspective of the collaboration that occurred between its human and material constituents during its production. 
Before beginning the construction process, stones from the Gleisdreieck park were danced with to study how they imposed their agency on the body of the builder. Eventually, a single stone was borrowed from the park to be processed for use as aggregate in a standard Berlin paving stone with an embedded speaker. The borrowed stone was returned to the park during a live performance at the opening of SynchroniCities, while the amplified paving stone that was produced will speak its record from within the B-Part Gallery for the duration of the exhibition.