The Cycle of Vitality
by Pauline Alt
Humans think and act through material artefacts. Society as well as the actions and traditions within this society cannot be understood without considering the material culture.The unsustainable and exploitative manner in which we humans use scarce resources rests in part upon our attitude toward the environment.
We humans still see ourselves far too much as separate from the rest of the world. If we could shift our excluding behavior towards a caring, responsible, and thoughtful one, a more regenerative future could arise. Appreciating the vitality of matter can help to approach materials and resources again in a fair manner. Vitality of matter embraces the capability of materials to cause actions and reactions, it means to respect their will to transform, and to understand them as substances-in-becoming.This Workshop offers room to explore the vitality of the material loam. You will explore the material differently. This matter-centered approach intends to familiarize with the interests of the non-human world, the world of materials, and to understand them. It aims at generating a fair interplay with the resource again.