Story-Ation (2019)
Re-Story-AtionHD Video, 0:11:042019
Re-Story-Ation is a five-part video piece that investigates relationships and synchronicities between humans and nature using the landscape and the body to look at restoration, species loneliness, and agency. Species loneliness (re-interpreted by indigenous ecologist Robin Wall Kimmerer) is understood as the inextricable feeling of sadness from not knowing the names of the plants around you, not knowing the stories of those plants around you. Through understanding the body as an archive for memory and knowledge, the film proposes the inclusion of nature and plants as both record-keepers and teachers. The video, filmed throughout natural landscapes in Berlin and the surrounding areas, shows various stages of the potential of nature storytelling explored through five interactions (holding, seeing, listening, speaking, and following). This interaction is particularly focused on when queer, trans, and people of color are in nature. Throughout there is an action to re-establish a connection with the landscape, a plant, a tree in the hope of reciprocal support and knowledge sharing.