Terra0 – Prototype for an augmented forest (2016)
terra0 morphology panel 01-03 [Version 2.0] (2020)
Archival inkjet print on acid-free paper, UV white print on glass, powder-coated and CNC milled aluminum frame. 3x 100x129x4.2cm 

terra0 workwear (2020)Embroidered industrial outerwear, powder-coated aluminum hanger. Dimensions variable.

terra0 is the prototype of an autonomous and self-governing piece of land. A technological overlay allows an area of forest to represent and manage its own assets via a decentralized autonomous organisation. This augmented forest is thus no longer a passive object in need of human care, but a non-human entity able to operate autonomously within the flows of legal ownership and capital. 
The exhibited artefacts represent the culmination and development of this original prototype from an undetermined future : the morphology panels are abstracted structural diagrams atop physical collages of lidar scans and large format camera photographs, and the workwear evidence of future employment possibilities created by non-human economic systems.The question terra0 raises is whether the influence of the coder on the autonomous capital system really can disappear after a certain point. A technology always reflects the interests, preferences, and ideologies of those who created it. The project’s initiators explain that “the forest would extend itself with the accumulated capital, and, since the forest acts as (or rather is) an economic unit, it simply expands because that is what economic units aim to do.” But is that really the case? Or is it already a human assumption applied and projected on the decentralized autonomous system?