Planet-Centric Cities by Felix Beer & Jakob Kukula
The term "Planet-Centric Design" is used to describe new design approaches that bring nature and people into harmony with each other. In contrast to "Human-Centric Design", not only human but also natural actors should be considered as active stakeholders in the design process. We are particularly interested in theories and methods that critically question the anthropocentrism of our cities and seek ways to interweave nature, humans and technology in innovative ways. How can we think of the city as a social-ecological-technical ecosystem? How can natural and human needs be equally incorporated into urban design? What new demands does this place on the design process? For example, how can nature be given a political voice? We would like to discuss these questions together with you, fill the concept of "Planet-Centric Design" with life and look for practice-oriented connection possibilities. The workshop will be digitally.

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